After filing your income tax, the next thing you need to do is file your income tax returns and this has to be done the earliest as the IT department is not going to calculate the returns for you. If you miss filing your returns and miss the date, then that amount is gone.

You can file IT returns when there is a mismatch between the tax amount paid and the actual payable amount. When the amount paid is higher than the actual payable amount, then you can file for a refund.

Here are some of the ways to get your Income Tax Refund easily:

Make sure you are eligible for Income Tax Refund

Before filing the income tax returns, see undermentioned points to check if you are eligible for the refund:

  • If the tax you’ve paid in advance on the basis of self-assessment is more than the tax payable on the basis of regular assessment.
  • If your TDS from salary, interest on securities or debentures, dividends, etc. is higher than the tax payable on the basis of regular assessment.
  • If the tax charged, based on regular assessments, gets reduced because an error in the assessment process was resolved.
  • The same income is taxed in a foreign country (with which the government of India has an agreement to avoid double-taxation) and in India as well.
  • If you have investments that offer tax benefits and deductions that you have not declared.
  • If you find, after considering the taxes you’ve paid and the deductions you are allowed, that the tax paid amount is in the negative.

File your IT Returns on time

Never wait until the last date to file your returns, try to file it at the earliest. This is one of the easiest and quickest ways to get your tax refunds. You might get your refunds even within a week sometimes by filing your returns well in advance.

Match Form 16 with Form 26AS

The IT department pays the refund amount based on the status provided on Form 26AS, so make sure that Form 16 matches with Form 26AS.

Provide the correct TAN number 

While filing IT returns, locate the TAN number in Form 16 and mention it correctly. If the TAN number is incorrectly stated, then the refunds will not be processed by the IT Department.

Provide correct Bank details

Providing incorrect bank details will only delay the refund process, so make sure that all the details you submit are accurate.

Make sure that the name of the bank account holder matches the name on the Pan card, there will be a delay if the name does not match as well. 

If the status of the refund is shown as paid and you haven’t received the refund, immediately contact the bank authorities.

Choose the correct ITR Form

Make sure you choose the right Income Tax Return Form

Keep a track of your refund Have a lookout and keep track of your refund status, you can do that by visiting the IT Department Refund Status portal.


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