Auto insurance helps in keeping us safe and secure while driving on the road. It is also mandatory in India and that is one of the major reasons why most people do not pay much attention to the insurance details. Most of them just renew it on the stipulated time without going through the policy documents, thus keeping them away from availing all the benefits offered by their auto policy. By reading the policy thoroughly, you are aware of what is included in the cover, thus helping you in making better decisions in case of an accident or mishap. Here we have rounded some key points that you probably didn’t know that your auto insurance policy covered.

Towing Fee Waiver

In case there is an accident and you are unable to take your car to the nearest service center, you have to get it towed. What you may not know is that every basic car insurance cover allows for the reimbursement of these towing charges.

Multiple drivers affect the insurance premium

The insurance cover of the car and its premium is according to the risk associated with a specific car as well as the number of drivers driving a car. This is because multiple drivers increase the risk of road accidents and subsequent claims. Multiple drivers driving a single car often command a higher premium than single-driver cars.

Insurance for accessories

In most of the basic car insurance covers, only the damage to the car is covered and not the accessories fitted into it. Opt for a separate add-on for the accessories too. This may increase the premium price to some extent but is more cost-effective in the long run.

Cover for the car engine

There is a separate insurance add-on available that helps in taking care of engine-related problems that are not caused due to an accident. This helps in keeping your expenses on engine repair to a minimum.

Instant Renewal and paperless documentation

Most insurance companies offer their policyholders the option of renewing their auto insurance policy online with minimal or zero documentation. Just visit the company website and do the necessary payments for renewing the policy.

Cover for damages beyond accidents

Many comprehensive car insurance plans cover more than just the damages caused due to accidents. They cover the losses caused by burglary, housebreaking, theft, self-ignition, explosion, fire, strikes, terrorism, natural calamities, and many other unlikely scenarios. If there is any damage caused in the transit of vehicle through road, rail, or waterway, those are also covered by most of the insurance plans.

Tax Savings

You can claim tax benefits associated with the premiums paid for a vehicle that is used for official or business purposes as per Section 88 of Income Tax Act, 1961.

The cashless facility at garages

Just like health insurance has network hospitals providing cashless transactions, always check for the number of network garages associated with your insurer. This will help you in ensuring a nearby cashless garage for cashless transactions in the time of need.


Though it is mandatory for every vehicle owner in India to get a basic car insurance package with third-party liability, it is best to get a comprehensive car insurance plan. Compare the policies on offer from different online comparison websites or talk to our insurance experts for the best matches.


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