Here, we will discuss 5 of the best investment plans available in India that not only give returns but also maintain the investment security of your funds. 

There are several long term and short term options available in the market for both financial and non financial investments. Financial investments involve bank deposits, fixed deposits, mutual funds and other similar ones. Non financial include investments in gold, real estate and other tangible instruments. Let us now discuss the different investment plans and their suitability in terms of risks and returns.

Mutual Funds

Many investors end up in a dilemma regarding whether or not to invest in mutual funds due to the high risks involved in the same. However, these market linked investment vehicles also offer higher returns than any other. It is best for people looking to invest in the market but do not have adequate expertise and experience to do the same. There are different categories of mutual funds- equity, debt and hybrid funds.

  • Equity: These funds are market linked with maximum investments done in equity. They provide a much higher ROI through investments made in shares of different companies. However, with higher returns, there is higher risk involved in them. Investors with a  high risk appetite and long term investment perspective can choose to invest in these investment plans.

  • Debt: debt funds are investment instruments that invest money in government securities, bonds and other safe securities. They provide a steady ROI and are best for low risk appetite investors.

  • Hybrid: These are the mutual funds that invest in both equity and debt. They are best for beginners in the investment field who are looking for diversification in their portfolio.


PPF, short for Public Provident Fund, are government investment plans that help the investors with a  risk free long term investment. Interest rate on these investments are revised and fixed every quarter by the government. Even though the maturity period is 15 years, you can partially withdraw after a period of 6 years. Investors can even take loans on the basis of PPF investments. Since the scheme is under government’s regulation, both the principal and the interest are completely secure.


Also known as National Pension Scheme, this is a good retirement fund backed by the government that helps you in investing in different market linked instruments. The final amount received on maturity is dependent on the links received from these investments. Partial withdrawals can be done after a period of 3 years.  

Recurring Deposits

Also known as RDs, this refers to term deposits where regular investments are made in the bank with good returns. It is highly flexible wherein the investor can choose his or her own tenure between 1 to 10 years. They can be started in any Indian bank. The invested amount along with the interest is received at the time of maturity.


Also called Unit Linked Insurance plan, these are the financial instruments offered by the insurance companies integrating both insurance and investment. It gives the investors life plan security as well as secure returns. Premiums under this can be made either monthly or annually.

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