With the advent of the internet, stock market investments have become easier and faster. You can learn about different investment strategies and methods of trading easily through the internet. With everything moving online from education to day-to-day office working, online stock trading is fast becoming popular among new age investors for the ease and benefits associated with the same. Here, we will be discussing a few interesting facts about online trading.

Golden Rule of 72

This popular rule of 72 is considered to be one of the most popular and fundamental facts about the stock market. It is the rule which helps the investors in calculating the time required for doubling their investment. Based on this rule, if you have the fixed rate of annual interest, you can calculate the exact time needed to calculate the right time for which the investment needs to be made.

Mistakes happen

Two main parameters need to be taken care of in any investment- price, and quantity. These should be researched and bought accordingly as even a minor confusion can cause huge losses to the investor. This is because the stock exchanges operate at the speed of a few microseconds and orders once placed cannot be canceled or modified.

BSE is Asia’s Oldest Exchange

An interesting fact about BSE that you may not know about is that BSE is Asia’s oldest stock exchange. It was started in the 19th century by Premchand Roychand, an Indian businessman who was also known as the bullion king, the big bull and cotton king of those times. Initially, BSE was known as Native Share and Stockbrokers Association. Today, there are more than 500 companies listed in the stock exchange making it one of the only exchanges in the world with such a huge number of listed companies. In addition to BSE, 23 more exchanges are operating in India.

The Most Expensive Stock of The World

Another interesting thing to know about stocks is about the most expensive stock in the world. It is of Berkshire Hathway whose one share costs Rs 2 Crore. The headquarters of this American conglomerate is in Nebraska. It is managed by Warren Buffet as Chairman generating the highest revenue in the world.

Bear And Bull Market

If you are even a little bit familiar with the stock market fundamentals, you must have come across the concept of bull and bear markets. The stock market is considered to be bullish when the prices are high and the outlook of the market is positive. These rising stocks are compared to the horns of a charging bull that always faces towards the sky. Conversely, Bearish markets are when the stock prices are plummeting and the market sentiment is negative. The term bearish comes from the palms of a bear that always faces towards the ground.

These are some of the many interesting facts about stock market trading that are known to very few people. To know more such facts about stock markets, subscribe to our monthly newsletter today.  



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