So, it’s vital to consider the advantages and downsides before you use your credit card to acquire cash. Credit cards are often intended to be used for shopping. For example, use your card at the shop check-out or provide your card number and expiry date for online purchases. When you make purchases, this amount will diminish your available credit until you pay the credit card payment. The cash advances of credit card function differently. If your card permits you, you may have a purchasing credit limit and a cash deposit limit, often smaller than your payment limit. You borrow money from this credit limit if you obtain a cash advance.


Taking out a cash advance on your credit card provides a number of benefits: It’s quick and simple to obtain; you don’t need money in your bank account, and there’s no approval procedure. You don’t have to go through a credit check or submit any paperwork, unlike a bank loan. While credit card cash advances offer certain benefits, they can be expensive when compared to alternative options for borrowing money. Take some time to investigate your other choices before agreeing to a credit card cash advance if you need money but it isn’t an emergency. If you must use your card to withdraw cash, attempt to pay off the balance as soon as possible to avoid incurring interest charges.


Here are some of the cons of withdrawing money from your credit card

  • To begin with, the interest rate will be hefty, maybe twice that of your credit card. The cash-advance APR on many popular credit cards is 25 percent to 27 percent. There will be no grace period, so interest will start accruing right away.

  • You will almost certainly be charged an extra cost by your credit card company.

  • Also keep in mind that increasing your credit card debt can raise your credit use and lower your credit score. Because your amounts due contribute for 30% of your credit score, the higher your credit usage, the greater the negative influence on your credit score.

When an emergency arises, you understand that a credit card cash advance should not be your first choice. However, you will still require cash. There are a few additional options to think about.

  • Taking out a loan from a friend or family member.

  • Look about deferring payments on other debts, such as education loans or your home. Many lenders are willing to work with such agreements in light of the pandemic.

  • Check with a credit union to see if you may receive a personal loan. Their rates of interest are usually a little lower than the credit card cash advance.

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