With women taking the world by storm in all fields, more and more women are starting to gain financial independence and freedom of investments. They are starting to actively manage their money while taking financial decisions independently without any help from their male partners. Here, we will discuss some of the best mutual funds for women that help them in becoming financially secure and fulfill their investment goals and objectives. However, every woman has different priorities and requirements related to their investment portfolio. We will discuss the best mutual fund investments for women investors as per their priorities and risk profile.

Mutual funds for a married working woman

As a married working woman, there are certain responsibilities and priorities that every woman investor has regarding their funds. Since they have additional responsibilities of educating and upbringing their children, merely saving money in the bank is not enough. More wealth creation is required for better financial security. Mutual fund investments are one of the best choices that you have in terms of fulfilling these needs. These include debt, equity mutual funds, and bullion in addition to PPF and NPS for portfolio diversification. Not only will it help in getting better returns, but also help in compensating the loss accrued from one source by the other.

Mutual Funds For Housewives

Housewives, better known as homemakers, are efficient financial managers of the household wherein despite remaining jobless, they know how to save every penny. However, nowadays more and more women are looking to invest these saved pennies smartly so that rather than remaining idle, they grow from small to big. This is done through investments made in hybrid plans offering a higher rate of interest on their funds. These funds offer the security of debt instruments and the quality of equity investments. Investments can also be made in electronic gold wherein gold is purchased from mutual fund houses in paper form and interest is earned on them. These investments start from as low as Rs 500.

Mutual funds for Single Parent/ Single Women

The need for an assured financial portfolio is especially high in case the woman is a widow or divorced. Their survival is based on this. They have an additional responsibility of running the household, earning for themselves, raising the kids, educational expenses as well as their retirement planning. In such a case, proper planning is needed so that no compromises are made on your investment. Such women can opt for PPF or Public Provident fund wherein deposits are made in government-backed fund. It has the provision of interests on deposits, withdrawals, loans and even extending of the account. The time limit is 15 years. Another option is the National Pension Scheme which is best for women planning for their retirement. Here, the investment process starts during the working phase wherein a certain portion of your earnings is kept aside for this fund. The process gets continued till retirement leading to the accumulation of a large sum of money.


Today more and more women are becoming aware of the importance of investments in ensuring the financial independence of the future. If you are one of such women and are looking to invest your funds in a suitable mutual fund scheme, drop a mail or call our financial advisor today for expert advice.   



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